Shabazz 3

Shabazz 3


Originally released in 2000 on 2xLP and CD with minimal distribution, the Dallas-based Shabazz 3 released their debut and only LP "Late Nite With Shabazz 3" on their own Longevity Records. Released as a limited run of 300, the album has since become a collector's item selling for $200+ on the secondary market. Fusing elements of jazz and hip hop, "Late Nite With Shabazz 3" is recommended for those who like golden era 90s West Coast hip hop like Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief. This is a 1-time pressing exclusive to Black Friday Record Store Day, November 24th, 2023.

Limited to 900 on smokey blue and smokey black vinyl!


  • 1 It's Goin' Down Tonite
  • 2 Takin' Hedz
  • 3 Shabazz 3
  • 4 Lost Contact
  • 5 Let 'Em Know the Real
  • 6 What You Got to Say
  • 7 I Know You Know 'Em
  • 8 Rhyme Zone
  • 9 Latitude 32 Longitude 96
  • 10 Weekend
  • 11 I Gosta Handle Mine
  • 12 Live or Die

Purchase a copy at JOSEY RECORDS or click HERE for a list of RSD participating record stores where you can purchase Late Nite With Shabazz 3.


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